Zhou Tao, Chinese TV Presenter, Wants to See More Young Presenting Talent

When you’re a presenter on Chinese TV, you instantly get a whole lot of attention — if only for the fact that this is China, the world’s most populous country. For too long, though, the attention-grabbing post has been held only by the more established members of China’s media worlds — and Zhou Tao, one of China’s more senior TV presenters, wants to give the stage to younger, emerging talent.

The erstwhile presenter of Super Variety Show on Chinese Central Television, whom is also a top executive for major programming at the same TV station, told the China News Service that she wanted to hand over the microphone to younger talent, although she will continue to hold upwards of 10 galas per year. “There are only so many spots free for presenters on TV. A lot of young presenters are true talents; they need more and better places to perform,” she was reported to say to in the interview.

Zhou had been “missing” from major shows, including the annual Spring Festival Gala on Central TV, beginning from 2012. She is spending more time with family.

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