TV Programme from Tianjin Satellite TV Wants to Help You Realise Your Dreams

You’ve heard that before, haven’t you? Realising your dreams… of course, with President Xi’s China Dream getting the whole country, well, quite “dreamy”, “make-my-dreams-come-true” reality shows are also popular on the Chinese screens.

However, the newest TV show from Tianjin Satellite TV doesn’t want to necessarily create more dreamy divas. It instead shines a light on, and cares for, those of us who are less lucky — such as the disabled or the severely ill.

The Tianjin Satellite TV show, Happiness Knocking on Your Door (幸福来敲门), is different from other “dreamy” reality shows in that it emphasises on the interest of the public good over individual fame. The media channel of the official People’s Web gave this show a special focus.

Defining what’s special about the show, here’s where it is unique — whilst still keeping audiences interested:

  • It tries to keep heavy emotions away — it is more interested in actually helping people out.
  • There are celebrities — but they play more a supporting and assisting role. They are also joined by industry experts.
  • It tries to keep everything real — there is no race here to “act unfortunate”, as a camera team will be in close observance.
  • It guides and tries to lift you out of trouble — the focus here is to help you out of your doldrums, and it tends to favour those who don’t give up too easily.

This show seems to have struck a chord with the central government, where just after its 2013 introduction, SAPPRFT gave it positive reviews. It also lets people watching the programme learn from positive characteristics of those on the show.

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