Chinese Media Authorities Wants to See Better Books for a Wider Audience


The State (National) Administration for Press, Publishing, Radio, Film, and Television (SAPPRFT) has announced that it is organising a nationwide promotion for books that “showcase outstanding Chinese culture. It also hopes people will be more interested in reading these recommended titles.

In essence, any book that has been published from January 2011 through to June 2015 (as determined by the copyright page) is eligible, provided it meets the requirements. These include picture books, series, and imported books, although they cannot exceed 20% of all books being recommended. Books must have seen a distribution of over 10,000 copies — and for the moment, textbooks and authorised copies of books are not included.

Apart from being “politically correct” (no challenge to the historical outlook based on Marxism being an obvious example here), books must also be readable, but also accurate, so SAPPRFT is looking for high-quality published content.

A book needs to be one of the following to meet one of the following criteria in order to be considered for recommendation:

  • promote traditional Chinese values — such as love, concern for the people, honesty, righteousness, harmony, and mutual benefit
  • high-quality, scholarly cultural works that convey the essence of Chinese culture
  • improved works that showcases the liveliness of Chinese culture
  • books that include real and generally positive Chinese stories to an outside world

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