SAPPRFT Sets Targets On Film Industry’s “Hidden Rules”

Long resented but grudgingly (or not!… to some) accepted as “the norm” in the Chinese media industry, “hidden rules” have defined who goes on which show, what programmes are commissioned, what equipment becomes part of which media organisation, what ads are run — and a host of other questions.

President Xi Jinping’s new administration has been heavily involved in a well-publicised round of rooting out corrupt officials, fishing out “big fish” such as former security czar Zhou Yongkang and former top-ranking central party committee “manager” Ling Jihua. The new round of anti-corruption campaigns are designed to take a particular focus at just how “clean” (or not) the film industry is.

Li Fangqiu, a member of the CPC’s central discipline committee, or the party’s watchdog authority, noted to Chinese media that hunting down on the presence of “hidden rules” was something begun already in late 2014. She noted: “We cannot say it is completely clean territory… The situation remains very complex”.

An issue that was pointed out in particular was how and where devices for a media organisation was brought from — often, from only one company instead of via bidding. The CPC watchdog will send a review team from the central authorities to track down on corrupt practices in China’s film industry, according to China News Press.

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